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One Man Exhibitions 


2018       Exploring Jerusalem  mixed media, Schechter Institute, Jerusalem

2017       On Consciousness and Interiors  Yitzhak and Gila Greenfield, Artspace, Tel Aviv

2015       Kibbutz Galon Drawings  Beit Tarbut, Kibbutz Galon

2013       Jerusalem Paintings and Prints  Bar David Museum, Kibbutz Bar Am

2012       Locks and Pomegranates  photos, Nora Gallery, Jerusalem

2011       Kibbutz 1950-60  paintings, Minotaur Gallery, Tel Aviv

2011       Zoom 18 Photos  Gerstein Gallery, Tel Aviv 

2010       Rimonim  Ohel Shem Gallery, Ramat Gan

2010       Exploring Jerusalem  AACI, Jerusalem

2010       Prints from Archaeological Sources  Elul Center, Jerusalem

2008       Cycles of Heaven and Earth  A Retrospective, Artists House, Jerusalem

2007       The Kibbutz Years  pastel and mixed media, Nora Gallery, Jerusalem

2005       Zipporah Memorial Show  photos and drawings, Studio Greenfield

2003       Hebrew Letter Landscapes  Studio Greenfield, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem

2002       Kabbalah  Jewish Mysticism, The Jewish Museum, Stockholm, Sweden

2002       Recent Works  Studio Greenfield, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem

2001       Mystic Language of Art  The Dom Museum, Vienna, Austria

2001       Spring Show  Studio Greenfield, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem

2000       Jerusalem  Massman Gallery, Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO

1999       Fall Show  Studio Greenfield, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem

1998       Jerusalem Visions  Palais Palffy, Vienna, Austria

1998       Mystic Jerusalem  Mundshenk Gallery, Wittenberg, Germany

1998       Jerusalem  Mittleman Jewish Community College, Portland, Oregon

1993       Mystic Language Paintings  Town Hall, Leersum, Holland

1992       Pomegranates and Landscape  Nora Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

1991       Paintings on Folded Paper  American Cultural Center, Jerusalem

1990       Relief Prints and Paintings  Loeb Gallery, Bern, Switzerland

1990       Folded Paper Paintings  Artist House, Jerusalem, Israel

1988       Ein Kerem Landscapes  Ursus Press Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany

1984       Jerusalem Towers and Letters  Nancy Stein Gallery, New York

1983       Collages  The Saxe Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1980       Prints and Paintings  University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

1980       Cylinder Seal Prints  Gallery 3, Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NY

1980       Prints  Pascal Gallery, Toronto, Canada

1980       Middle Eastern Figure Drawings  Donnell Library, New York

1979       Jerusalem Visions  A. B. Condon Gallery, SoHo, New York

1978       Jerusalem Visions  Bank of Guatemala, Guatemala City

1977       Black and White Collages  Armon Gallery, Old City, Jerusalem

1976       Collages and Mixed Media  Old Jaffa Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

1975       Collages and Prints  Magnes Museum, Berkeley, California

1972       Collages and Paintings  Renee Darom Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

1967       Collages  Artists House, Jerusalem, Israel

1963       Landscapes  Beit Wilfred Museum, Kibbutz Hazorea, Israel

1962       Landscapes and Figures  Beit Chagall, Heifa, Israel

1961       Etchings  Ill Torchio Gallery, Venice, Italy

1959       Desert Landscapes  paintings and prints, Chemerinsky Gallery, Tel Aviv

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